Combining room membership with identity management
2022-08-27, 12:30–12:50 (Europe/Berlin), backstage

Syncing room membership and permission-levels with LDAP and Microsoft Azure AD via maubot plugin

At work, we had the use-case, that people should be added to rooms depending on their role and division. We did not want somebody to do this manually and wrote a maubot plugin which handles this for us. It syncs memberships of user-groups from an identity management like LDAP or Microsoft Azure AD to rooms.
I will show you the concept and idea and a demo.

Source code is available at

Computer Science student from Magdeburg (Germany).

I am kind of a matrix power-user and author of some Maubot plugins.

Some Synapse servers (work, university, private) are maintained by me. My private homeserver is

Drop me a message at

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