Matrix Element and Widgets in the "Souvereign Workplace" for the german public sector
2022-08-27, 14:30–15:15 (Europe/Berlin), mainhall

Element is one OSS Module in the Souvereign Workplace together with Univention, Open-Xchange, Nextcloud and collabora.
To serve individual Business Cases with Element, we are developing widgets and extend continuously the widget-api. I will explain shortly the idea and status of the souvereign workplace and then show widget examples (BarCamp, Meetings, Polls, Whiteboard). With the current and future widget-API element can become an application plattform.

Software Development, Matrix Development, Organizational Development.
I setup a company 15 years ago, Nordeck IT + Consulting GmbH, with now 50 employess - most of them working on Matrix. We develop Matrix Widgets and Contribute to Element and Jitsi. We are releasing our own Element Widgets as products OSS soon.
We are developing the Matrix and Videoconference Modules in the Phoenix Projekt and for the Souvereign Workplace for the public Sector in Germany together with Univention, OpenXchange, Nextcloud, Element and Collabora.
We are Member of the Open Source Business Alliance and on our way to become a self organized organization.