Baby's first Rust Matrix Bot
2022-08-27, 14:00–16:00 (Europe/Berlin), downsite

In this workshop we will be setting up our very own minimal matrix bot using the brand-new rust-sdk. This is a type-along workshop, so please make sure you have the setup ready for it when we start.

In this workshop we will write our very own Matrix Bot using the new Rust-SDK. This is an introduction workshop, but basic software development and Matrix knowledge is required to participate - prior Rust knowledge is helpful but not necessary. Please make sure to have everything set up at the beginning.

1. A laptop with a set up of latest:
- Rust (get it at )
- an IDE/Editor of your choice (recommended )
- git (comes with VS code)
2. Prior Software Development Experience (at least the basics)
3. General knowledge of Matrix
4. A Matrix-Client with your account
5. A Matrix-Test-Account for your bot (create one at )

If you have trouble with any of this, come find me the day before the workshop and we'll hatch it out. You can always ping me via matrix at .

Benjamin is a long-term software developer, lead, educator and organizer in the open source and decentralization space. Since organising RustFest in Berlin 2015, he has been developing in Rust, first at MaidSafe, then on the Substrate Blockchain Framework (for Parity Tech) and since November 2021 on Matrix, when he kicked off the development of 'Effektio', where he is leading development. Since February 2022 he is leading the Matrix Rust SDK team for New Vector/Element.

You can learn more about him, his projects and writing on his personal website at

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