Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication. At the community-organised Matrix Community Summit, we will provide a place to meet and exchange knowledge for all levels of experience. Join us from Thu, 25th to Sun, 28 August 2022!

Dates and Location

The Summit will take in Berlin at the awesome hacker space c-base.

Thursday, 25th August - Matrix Summit Barcamp

Friday, 26th and 27th August - Matrix Summit Conference

Sunday, 28th August - Matrix Summit Open Door Day

Participation and Collaboration

The whole summit is run by volunteers and your engagement. If you like to help use the following tools or rooms.
Get yourself a ticket.

matrix-summit-berlin-2022 matrix summit space.

The #matrix-berlin is our usual hangout room, there we coordinate our monthly meetups in Berlin.
For the organization of the Summit we have orga-room. Just come by if you like to know something or help with the Summit.
The call for participation is for any kind of talks or workshops.
There is a organisation which contains our code base and issue tracker.
We try to make everything low cost. But we need some money for food, drinks, merch, travel, accommodation. Please contact us via mail, when you can sponsor the event.