Creating a Matrix Bot in 30 minutes using simplematrixbotlib or maubot
2022-08-27, 11:10–12:10 (Europe/Berlin), backstage

We will present the pros and cons of simplematrixbotlib and maubot.
And help the workshop participants to create their first matrix bot.

The Python framework maubot is a plugin-based Matrix bot system built on top of the mautrix library.

The Python framework simplematrixbotlib is an abstraction of the matrix-nio library and handles all of the boilerplate setup for you, batteries included.

This workshop is interactive, so please bring the following:
1. A laptop with a setup of:
- Python >= 3.8 and pip installed
- an IDE/Editor of your choice (e.g. PyCharm, vscode, etc.)
- git installed
- you need to be able to install libolm to run simplematrixbotlib with encryption, which is easier with some distros than with others
2. Some basic Python programming experience
3. General knowledge of Matrix
4. A Matrix-Client
5. We will provide a (temporary!) test server for you to test your bot on

If you have trouble with any of this, feel free to talk to us on matrix or on site at c-base on 25th August.

See also: Slides (smbl)

Sumner is a software engineer at Beeper working primarily on bridges, and an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Colorado School of Mines. He lives in Denver, Colorado, and enjoys skiing, volleyball, and soccer. He trains in ATA taekwondo, where he has a 4th degree black belt.

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Author of matrix-webhook-receiver.

Contributor to Element, Hookshot, Matrix-Docker-Ansible-Deploy, simplematrixbotlib, matrix-reminder-bot, and more.

Maintainer of ttm on the AUR.

I'm happy to discuss the above and more, including maubot, nextcloud as media repo, building simple "cronjob" bots in Python or bash with apprise, maunium sticker picker and how to create gif stickers, matrix_daily_calendar (CalDAV), UnifiedPush, SchildiChat Android, and job opportunities with Matrix.

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