Taking notes with Matrix Reminder Bot
2022-08-27, 16:00–16:10 (Europe/Berlin), mainhall

Demo of how Matrix Reminder Bot can be useful in everyday life

Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/#matrix-reminder-bot:amorgan.xyz
Source repo: https://github.com/anoadragon453/matrix-reminder-bot
Docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/anoa/matrix-reminder-bot

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Matrix.org enthusiast since 2017.

Author of matrix-webhook-receiver.

Contributor to Element, Hookshot, Matrix-Docker-Ansible-Deploy, simplematrixbotlib, matrix-reminder-bot, and more.

Maintainer of ttm on the AUR.

I'm happy to discuss the above and more, including maubot, nextcloud as media repo, building simple "cronjob" bots in Python or bash with apprise, maunium sticker picker and how to create gif stickers, matrix_daily_calendar (CalDAV), UnifiedPush, SchildiChat Android, and job opportunities with Matrix.

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