AlekSIS, the Matrix orchestrator for schools (and more)
2022-08-27, 14:00–14:45 (Europe/Berlin), backstage

AlekSIS is the free school information system, enabling school organisation with 100% open source software, and it has learnt to orchestrate Matrix.

School Information Systems have traditionally been a realm of proprietary software vendors – until two groups of students came to tackle that, and eventually created the AlekSIS project. It is a fully open school information system, featuring personal information management, timetables, substitutions, and, most importantly, integrations with other open systems.

In the recent release 2022.6, codenamed "Cohn", an Integration with Matrix has been added. It allows schools to orchestrate their rooms and spaces in sync with school organisation, so the secretary or administrative team does not have to deal with managing chatrooms separately. Without changing any workflows, adding new courses, moving students between classes, or substituting teachers, all of that will simply be replicated to the chat platform seamlessly.

This talk will be about practical use in schools, why integration matters, and also what else AlekSIS has to offer (not strictly Matrix, but hey, Open Tech Will Save Us!)

Born 1990, started actively working in digitisng schools in 2004, always with student participation in mind.

As a friendly fork of the FrOSCon youth programme, founded Teckids in 2013, which is now superregionally active on everything involving free software, open technology, kids and education.

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Hangzhi Yu is currently doing his federal voluntary service at a Berlin NGO. He joined AlekSIS after he started developing software in one of the predecessor projects during his school days at the Katharineum in Lübeck and experienced in practice what an important contribution Free Software can make to good education. He is currently involved in the AlekSIS project as a full-stack developer and is particularly interested in making the user experience more intuitive and thus making everyday life in schools more comfortable.