Bonfires, doorbells and emoji-speeddating
2022-08-26, 16:00–16:30 (Europe/Berlin), mainhall

Teckids is regularly hosting summer camps for children to get in touch with the creative side of technology, and since 2020, Matrix plays an important role in many aspects of it.

Starting out as the FrogLabs youth programme of FrOSCon, Teckids has over the years established a full outdoor hacking summer camp for children of all ages. It takes place offline in the sun, but is all about creating and using open technology.

Starting in 2020, Matrix became an important part in many aspects. From online get-together before the event, over exchanging tips on how to nettle the team during the evening bonfire or finding that nickname to verify emojis with in real life, up to making chatbot controlled doorbells and weather stations.

Born 1990, started actively working in digitisng schools in 2004, always with student participation in mind.

As a friendly fork of the FrOSCon youth programme, founded Teckids in 2013, which is now superregionally active on everything involving free software, open technology, kids and education.

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