Alex Babel

Computer Science Student and Kubernetes & Matrix sucker from Magdeburg

  • Synapse on Steroids - Using Kubernetes and Renovate for a seamless Synapse and Bridges Setup
Benedict Benken
  • Trixnity - Ein Matrix SDK für (fast) alles
Benjamin "Ben" Kampmann

Benjamin is a long-term software developer, lead, educator and organizer in the open source and decentralization space. Since organising RustFest in Berlin 2015, he has been developing in Rust, first at MaidSafe, then on the Substrate Blockchain Framework (for Parity Tech) and since November 2021 on Matrix, when he kicked off the development of 'Effektio', where he is leading development. Since February 2022 he is leading the Matrix Rust SDK team for New Vector/Element.

You can learn more about him, his projects and writing on his personal website at

  • The future is green: Matrix as the next generation of the web
  • Effektio: Matrix as an app development platfform
  • Baby's first Rust Matrix Bot
  • Rust SDK: the new core and its future

Bram is the founder of Digital Justice, a small activist group that aims for interoperability, right to repair, abandonware continuity and other digital rights.

Bram is a programming teacher, he hosts the privacy committee of the Dutch Green party's youth organisation and he's the self-proclaimed world record holder of having the highest amount of successful rickrolls.

  • Struggles of a digital activist
Charles Wright

Charles Wright is the lead software engineer on the Circuli project at FUTO. His mission is to build secure, trustworthy apps to help regular people keep their families safe online. Before joining FUTO, Dr. Wright was a full-time academic researcher in security and privacy as an associate professor of Computer Science at Portland State University and as technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He holds MS and PhD degrees from Johns Hopkins University.

  • Circuli: Open source, private social networking built on Matrix
Christian Paul

I've been a bridge developer of the bridges for the past 2.5 years. Besides the work on various Matrix integrations at Element, Matrix is a big passion of mine. I used to build my own chat bots before I joined Element and am one of the active founders of the Matrix Meetup and Matrix Summit in Berlin.

Seit 2,5 Jahren entwickle ich die Chat-Brücken. Neben meiner Arbeit für Element, ist Matrix mir auch persönlich sehr wichtig. Schon vor meiner Anstellung habe ich Chatbots geschrieben und ich bin einer der Gründer des Matrix Meetups und Matrix Summits in Berlin.

  • The State of Matrix (Summit Edition)
  • Baby's first TypeScript bridge
  • Getting your bot encrypted with Pantalaimon
  • IoT via Matrix
  • Managing rooms with Matrix Wrench
  • Can Matrix benefit from the blockchain ecosystem
Dominik George

Born 1990, started actively working in digitisng schools in 2004, always with student participation in mind.

As a friendly fork of the FrOSCon youth programme, founded Teckids in 2013, which is now superregionally active on everything involving free software, open technology, kids and education.

  • AlekSIS, the Matrix orchestrator for schools (and more)
  • Bonfires, doorbells and emoji-speeddating
Florian Heese

Engineering Manager at Element

  • Element Call - Quo Vadis
Hangzhi Yu

Hangzhi Yu is currently doing his federal voluntary service at a Berlin NGO. He joined AlekSIS after he started developing software in one of the predecessor projects during his school days at the Katharineum in Lübeck and experienced in practice what an important contribution Free Software can make to good education. He is currently involved in the AlekSIS project as a full-stack developer and is particularly interested in making the user experience more intuitive and thus making everyday life in schools more comfortable.

  • AlekSIS, the Matrix orchestrator for schools (and more)
Hato Nordeck

Software Development, Matrix Development, Organizational Development.
I setup a company 15 years ago, Nordeck IT + Consulting GmbH, with now 50 employess - most of them working on Matrix. We develop Matrix Widgets and Contribute to Element and Jitsi. We are releasing our own Element Widgets as products OSS soon.
We are developing the Matrix and Videoconference Modules in the Phoenix Projekt and for the Souvereign Workplace for the public Sector in Germany together with Univention, OpenXchange, Nextcloud, Element and Collabora.
We are Member of the Open Source Business Alliance and on our way to become a self organized organization.

  • Matrix Element and Widgets in the "Souvereign Workplace" for the german public sector
Henk Dick
  • From the perspective of a solution architect: Getting started with Matrix
Henri Carnot

Yet another dev working of matrix

  • MinesTRIX: A privacy focused social media based on matrix

FOSS fascinated DJ, sysadmin and musician with a hang to solving problems with Python or Arduinos. First contacts to Matrix came via a colleauge’s private HS, followed by implementation of Jojo’s own use cases and finally seeing a corporate Synapse instance rise and fall. Besides synadm he is maintaining, co-maintaining and contributing to several Open Source projects, more often than not, related to music and DJing.

  • synadm - Tired of Using CURL?
Jose Franco

Jose Franco is an Open-source Real Time Communications enthusiast. He is keen on everything related to RTC in general. Founder and CTO of iKono Telecomunicaciones, a company based in Colombia with over ten years experience devoted to providing Corporate Communications and Contact Center solutions using open source alternatives.

  • Using Matrix as chat framework in contact centers
Kim Brose enthusiast since 2017.

Author of matrix-webhook-receiver.

Contributor to Element, Hookshot, Matrix-Docker-Ansible-Deploy, simplematrixbotlib, matrix-reminder-bot, and more.

Maintainer of ttm on the AUR.

I'm happy to discuss the above and more, including maubot, nextcloud as media repo, building simple "cronjob" bots in Python or bash with apprise, maunium sticker picker and how to create gif stickers, matrix_daily_calendar (CalDAV), UnifiedPush, SchildiChat Android, and job opportunities with Matrix.

  • Taking notes with Matrix Reminder Bot
  • Creating a Matrix Bot in 30 minutes using simplematrixbotlib or maubot

  • medienhaus/ cms — a matrix-based content management system
Michael Thiele

Michael is a software craftsman at heart. After many years of consulting work, he currently is developing a messenger based on Matrix for the German health care system at Folivonet.

  • Trixnity-Messenger: a view-agnostic messenger
Moritz Stückler

I am a freelance full-stack software engineer based in Hamburg, Germany. Before I was a developer I worked as an IT journalist for many years. I also run a small makerspace in Hamburg.

  • How we built an Open Source Threema/Matrix bridge – and got paid for it
Nadine Minagawa

designer, UX specialist, nerd

  • Nice idea, but ... (how to make a product fly)
  • Polychat - Gruppenchat für alle

I'm networkException, a developer, system administrator and maintainer depending on project and mood. I do open source work in my free time (or well, basically in all of my free time).

  • Matrix im deutschen Gesundheitswesen - Der TI Messenger
Sumner Evans

Sumner is a software engineer at Beeper working primarily on bridges, and an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Colorado School of Mines. He lives in Denver, Colorado, and enjoys skiing, volleyball, and soccer. He trains in ATA taekwondo, where he has a 4th degree black belt.

  • What is Beeper working on?
  • Hungryserv: A Homeserver Optimized for Unfederated Use-Cases
  • Creating a Matrix Bot in 30 minutes using simplematrixbotlib or maubot
Valentin Riess

Computer Science student from Magdeburg (Germany).

I am kind of a matrix power-user and author of some Maubot plugins.

Some Synapse servers (work, university, private) are maintained by me. My private homeserver is

Drop me a message at

  • Show us your homeserver!
  • Combining room membership with identity management
  • Why choose matrix as enterprise chat?
Yan Minagawa
  • The Future of Matrix ...