Managing rooms with Matrix Wrench
2022-08-26, 12:00–12:30 (Europe/Berlin), backstage

Matrix Wrench is a fast, convenient way for tech-savvy people to manage Matrix rooms.
I'll show you how it came to be and what you can accomplish with Matrix Wrench.

In my work as a Bridge developer at Element I have to maintain and debug Matrix rooms. When a bridge stops working in a particular room, I must inspect and maybe modify the room from the perspective of the bridge.

Formerly, this involved a lot of manual commands in a terminal. To make this easier I wrote Matrix Wrench. It's a User Interface for viewing room state, editing room memberships, permissions and other moderation tasks.

I've been a bridge developer of the bridges for the past 2.5 years. Besides the work on various Matrix integrations at Element, Matrix is a big passion of mine. I used to build my own chat bots before I joined Element and am one of the active founders of the Matrix Meetup and Matrix Summit in Berlin.

Seit 2,5 Jahren entwickle ich die Chat-Brücken. Neben meiner Arbeit für Element, ist Matrix mir auch persönlich sehr wichtig. Schon vor meiner Anstellung habe ich Chatbots geschrieben und ich bin einer der Gründer des Matrix Meetups und Matrix Summits in Berlin.

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