IoT via Matrix
2022-08-26, 17:00–17:20 (Europe/Berlin), mainhall

Can you monitor IoT devices via Matrix?
Can we benefit from its encryption and permission model?
Can we display the data in Home Assistant?
Yes, we can and I'll show you how.

Commercial offerings of the Internet of Things (IoT) are often building on centralised services and might not be interoperable between brands or generations of a product.

I've started to explore if IoT communication via Matrix is viable, how it benefits and what challenges there are.
This will be a brief overview over my current findings and projects.

I've been a bridge developer of the bridges for the past 2.5 years. Besides the work on various Matrix integrations at Element, Matrix is a big passion of mine. I used to build my own chat bots before I joined Element and am one of the active founders of the Matrix Meetup and Matrix Summit in Berlin.

Seit 2,5 Jahren entwickle ich die Chat-Brücken. Neben meiner Arbeit für Element, ist Matrix mir auch persönlich sehr wichtig. Schon vor meiner Anstellung habe ich Chatbots geschrieben und ich bin einer der Gründer des Matrix Meetups und Matrix Summits in Berlin.

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